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Ringo Sports trivia game

Test your knowledge with our New Sports Reverse-Trivia Game, RINGO for GFI.

Free to Play

First - Seattle Studs - $20,000
Second - Burnaby Bulldogs - $12,000
Third - West Coast Guns - $5,000
Fourth - Everett Merchants - $5,000
Fifth - Thurston County Senators - $3,000
Sixth - Northwest Honkers - $3,000
Seventh - Houston Westchase Express - $3,000
Eithth - San Fransisco Seals - $3,000

GFI 2016 All Stars and MVP

At Catcher
Nash Gowin – West Coast Guns

At First Base
Marten Pauwels – Thurston County Senators

At Second Base
Jordan Padriano – Burnaby Bulldogs

At Third Base
Gabe Padukiewicz – Thurston County Senators

At Shortstop
Steffan Torgersen – Thurston County Senators

dAundray Van Slyke
– West Coast Guns
Tosh Semlacher – Seattle Studs
Kasey Bailey – West Coast Guns

Designated Hitter
Scott Hilpert – North Sound Emeralds

All-Star Pitching Staff
Geoff Brown – Seattle Studs
Shawn Schaefer – Burnaby Bulldogs

GFI Tournament Most Valuable Player
Mitch Hodge – Burnaby Bulldogs

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James Donaldson Park from the air April 2015


“There is no “I” in team but there is a “U” in volunteer.