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Watch the previous games below

Game #25 - Final Game of Tournament
Seattle Studs Vs. Everett Merchants


Game #24 - Sixth Game of Money Rounds
Burnaby Bulldogs vs Everett Merchants


Game #23 - Fifth Game of Money Rounds
Seattle Studs Vs. West Coast Guns


Game #22 - Fourth Game of Money Rounds
Thurston County Senators Vs West Coast Guns


Game #21 - Third Game of Money Rounds
Everett Merchants Vs. Kamloops Sun Devils

Game #20 - Second Game of Money Rounds
Burnaby Bulldogs VS North Sound Emeralds

Game #19 - First Game of Money Rounds
North West Honkers - 3 Vs. Seattle Studs - 9

Game 18
Seattle Studs 4 VS Burnaby Bulldogs 6

Game 17
Thurston Senators vs Parkland White Sox

Game 16
North Sound Emeralds VS Everett Merchants

Game 15
July 3rd - 11AM
Northwest Honkers Vs Grand Forks Blues

July 3rd - 8AM
Game 14
VIBI Muckers Vs. Kamloops Sun Devils

July 2 - 8PM
Game 13
Everett Merchants Vs. West Coast Guns

Game 12
Grand Forks Blues VS Parkland White Sox

Game 11
Kamloops Sun Devils Vs. Seattle Studs

Game 10
Trail Orioles Vs. North Sound Emeralds

Game 9
Thurston County Senators vs Northwest Honkers

Game 8
Trail Orioles Vs Everett Merchants

Game 7
VIBI Muckers Vs Seattle Studs

Game 6
West Coast Guns vs North Sound Emeralds

Game 5
Kamloops Sun Devils vs Burnaby Bulldogs

Game 4
Northwest Honkers Vs Parkland White Sox

Game 3
Burnaby Bulldogs Vs VIBI Muckers

Exibition Game
Grand Forks Blues vs Castlegar Warriors

Game 2
Trail Orioles Vs. West Coast Guns

Game 1
Thurston County Senators vs Grand Forks Blues